Creating something unique and personal

It is generally agreed upon, that the art of composition is the most personal form of self-expression. It is a way to find one’s inner voice and identity. It’s not by chance that so many conductors starting with G. Mahler to Pierre Boulez, to name a few, have chosen to combine the two careers, leaving behind fascinating works to explore. What makes one a great composer is arguable. Possessing good technical capabilities as well as a high level of artistic depth, nevertheless originality, vision and perfectionism are some of the qualities that matter most. One should be honest with themselves in their artistic search and should write music, which corresponds to their ideals and believes. A composer should be a visionary.

Chamber music

  • “South pleasant stree” for violin and piano 2015
  • “Tandem” for double bass and piano 2001
  • “Momentum” for cello and piano 2001
  • “Transfigured contramenti” for double bass and violin 2001
  • “Register fantasy” for piano solo 2000

Music for stage

  • “Ulysee” - chamber opera for soprano, 8 voice choir, strings, flute and accordion 2003
  • “Monocle, portrait of Sylvia von Harden” - stage music 2010
    • Silvia von Harden, Poeme
    • Sylvia von Harden, Transformation Scene
  • “Parsifal Incerto (Parsifal in doubt)” – opera, work in progress

Orchestral music

  • Sidewalk Vortex commissioned by Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra 2016 Sidewalk Vortex
  • “Many spoken words” commissioned by Luxembourg National Chamber Orchestra 2013
  • “Salutations” for large orchestra 2011
  • “Luftspiegelungen” for large orchestra 2010
  • “Die Zeitmaschine” for large orchestra and speaker 2009
  • “Highway one” for piano and large orchestra 2009
  • “Medicine cabinets” for large orchestra 2008

The Bulgarian Nouvelle Vague

Viktor Ilieff has been selected together with other young Bulgarian artists in the first edition of the book “The Bulgarian Nouvelle Vague” aiming to present the leading emerging artists of the country.

A form of music theatre

Finding a balance

It requires a great amount of hard work. It is the feeling when I write sometimes, knowing that I have reached a comforting sense of balance.

Being original

I do not recount many times when trying to be original has been of any importance to me. Originality is something felt not sought after.

Complexity in a composition

Complexity is not to be mistaken with complex. Every note I write must come from somewhere, or if it does not, it must make a point why.

Aesthetics of a composition

If I feel that an aesthetically pleasing moment for me occurs in my work, I keep it. An artist shouldn't make compromises with his artistic satisfaction.

Bringing different art forms together

Besides writing instrumental music, Viktor Ilieff has been emphasizing the importance of his teacher Beat Furrer and particularly his operas or so called “Musiktheater” in his development as a composer. Trying to write dramaturgically exciting new work, where text, music, staging, and visual aspect share equal importance as a whole unity, is also the starting point in his new opera Parsifal Incerto (Parsifal in doubt). Besides his own compositions, Viktor Ilieff has been also working on number of “creations” where he has experimented with multi-art match forms, creating performances with various artists from different fields.